Thursday, 31 October 2013

One belated, one early...

Fryday went home a couple of weeks ago but my camera was playing up when he left and then I got so behind that he's had to wait til now for his final photos. 
He came in bar shoes and the place to focus is - as always - the back of the foot. You can see that despite the "support" of the bar shoe his foot is collapsing at the heel and curling under itself - this is what causes under-run heels. 
When he went home his foot looked like this. The line which was at the coronet when he arrived has moved to be two-thirds down his foot - the sort of growth rate I expect in most rehab horses - and his heel is very much stronger. Despite the hair, its clear that the heel is much stronger and there is less deviation at the hairline. 
Here are Fryday's sole shots over the time he was here. 
These are the most interesting. Although there is lots of distracting bar its clear how far his heels are moving back if you look at the position of his heels on his last day compared with earlier. 
Great frogs and better balance, as you can see, and feet which should be awesome in a few more months. 
And the most important shot - a much stronger heel and digital cushion  - look at the depth from the frog compared to day one. Love it!
Next up, an early update for Trooper who has been here just 2 weeks. He also arrived in bar shoes. 
After 2 weeks the nail holes are growing down and his hairline is stabilising though he still has a long toe.

The sole shots are interesting - not much visible in the bar shoe though you can just about see his frog. 
Straight out of his shoes, there is a lot to like (apart from the black thrushy areas under the shoe) but if you compare with the more recent photos I think you'll agree its a healthier picture with a frog which is desperately trying to function properly again. 


billie hinton said...

I love seeing the heart bar shoes come off and the hooves underneath getting healthy. A long time ago a vet suggested I try heart bars on my horse and I, not really knowing much about hooves, but trusting my gut, said no thanks. I did a lot of research and we went the other direction - barefoot. His contracted heels have gotten so much better. He was always sound but had a tiny little "hitch" that showed up when warming up in the trot that I think has to do with his rf which is the hoof that will always get thrushy if he's not ridden.

Just wanted to say that yesterday I was tempted to get the rasp and clean up his front hooves a bit - he is 6 weeks out from last trim and I have been riding him again (yay) - the edges are getting a bit ragged as the wall is self-trimming. I resisted b/c I knew if I tried to rasp I would end up wearing myself out and not riding, so we had a good ride and when we got back to the barn I realized even that one ride had cleaned things up quite a bit. I am going to start taking photos b/c the difference was so clear. I love the idea of riding instead of trimming. :)

cptrayes said...

I've never been convinced by the argument that folded over bars must be removed and I see you aren't either :-)