Tuesday 5 November 2019

Apollo's 8 week update.

This is Apollo's 8 week update; the top photo is week 1 and the bottom is week 8. As you can see Apollo' foot looks more symmetrical. The back of the foot is further back and wider and as a result is giving him more support. 

The collateral grooves are deeper now, showing that his sole is becoming thicker; the ridges around the frog are usually a sign of a weaker sole which needs support and I would expect these to disappear as his foot becomes stronger. 

There  isn't much to see here as the feather makes it hard to compare digital cushion and heel depth; there is little obvious change from the week 1 photo apart from it being shorter.

In Apollo's week 8 photo his foot is more symmetrical which shows his medio-lateral balance has improved. His frog is also more robust and he has a shorter toe. 

Apart from Apollo's feather being long you can see that on his week 8 photo his heel is shorter and wider compared to week 1; his week 8 hooves are giving more support.

His footage is here - chart the increase in feather(!): https://vimeo.com/370695504

Monday 4 November 2019

Frank's 8 week update

The top one is Franks first photo and the bottom is his week 8 update. As you can see the back of the  foot and frog have widened as well as the foot overall, telling us that his foot has gained strength.

Even though it's hard to tell looking from the back of the foot it's shallower but wider as well as level so he has formed a stronger heel and is able to load more weight on it.

Looking at Franks front right it looks like the back of the foot is wider and stronger. It's also looking as if it has better media-lateral balance, with the medial and lateral sides of the foot more symmetrical.

Looking at his left heel it has also increased in depth and widened meaning he's able to load on it better and more comfortably.

When we look at Frank's footage there are a couple of good change. Firstly he is more comfortable in front generally and moving more freely from the shoulder and secondly, when we look at him from the front he is much straighter: https://vimeo.com/370687598

Sunday 3 November 2019

Amy's 8 week update

This is Amy's 8 week comparison, showing the changes in her feet with the original photos at the top and the most recent ones below. Today her foot looks much more supportive (this was her lamest foot).

Her frog is much more defined now, the foot is more compact and has a shorter toe with less under-run heels.

Although its tricky to see as her feet are a little muddy, she has a stronger digital cushion and is collapsing less at the back of her foot than she was.


On this foot as well she is a lot more stable than before, her heels are more supportive and again have moved further back. 

This foot has not changed as dramatically as the other foot but she is still showing improvements with the toe shorter and the foot broader and stronger. 

As with the other foot there aren't dramatic changes but it's a more capable foot than before. 

When we look at her footage its a nice progression from a toe first landing to a better landing and comparing her footage from 3 weeks ago to day she is definitely moving more confidently and freely.

Amy's footage is here: https://vimeo.com/370677551