Monday 15 March 2021

Updates continued...

Following on from yesterday's update, here are the last photos and footage updates from the weekend. First up is Astro who is growing in a new hoof capsule at a much better angle, as you can see from the lower, more recent photo in each case. 

The new growth is visible in the top band of the lower photo and the previously bulging hairline at th quarters is also evening out, a sign of better loading of the foot. 

An improving foot with more structure in the palmar hoof and the long toe and weak quarters improving. 

The same angle change can be seen in both feet, meaning he is growing a better connected, stronger hoof capsule. 

As with the RF, a shorter toe, stronger palmar hoof and developing sole depth. 

Astro's footage is here:

Finally Isla's photos, again showing the changes over 8 weeks. 
Some good changes to see here as well, with a more solid palmar hoof and less under-run heel.

Isla already had a decent frog but her foot was unbalanced with the widest point of the foot too far forward, indicating a weak palmar hoof. That is now rebalancing and will get stronger over the next few months. 

The beginnings of a stronger foot with a healthier frog and digital cushion. 

The changes are not so dramatic in this foot but the new growth is still clearly visible at the top. 

This was the healthier foot to start with so there are less obvious changes, but the same rebalancing is going on. 

The shorter hoof wall is clear from this angle - the length has chipped and worn slowly and naturally without the need for trimming. 

Isla's footage is here:

Sunday 14 March 2021

Update time...8 weeks on

It is update time for the rehab horses who have been here for 8 weeks this weekend. I've added their footage as well and there will be posts on the remaining horses tomorrow. 
I'm starting with Mojo and with his original photos at the top and his recent comparisons below, as usual. 
Mojo is interesting because his feet were landing a lot better than they looked capable of doing when he arrived - a good example of why assessing hooves from photos is pretty much impossible. 
This is his worse foot but he has deep central sulcus splits on both front feet (and one hind foot). His landing initially was less good on this foot but he is now landing as well on this as on this RF, as you can see in his footage. 
The central sulcus split is still there but is less painful and should continue to improve slowly as his landing encourages more development. His frog, heels and palmar hoof as a whole is less contracted but its not a pretty foot, for sure. 
No dramatic changes from this angle but he is more comfortable and with ongoing work should carry on getting stronger. 

You can see that his hoof wall was chipping in the top photo; his toe is shorter and stronger now. 

The changes to this foot are slight, as his landing was already good on this foot but overall his heels are less contracted and the ridge of sole round his frog has grown out, which is a good sign of a more stable foot. 

Mojo's footage is here:

Merlin is next up, also with some good changes but some way still to go before he has a fully free stride.

Merlin had the opposite problem to Mojo - feet which looked very capable even though his landing was not great and he had a short stride. 

Again, photos are misleading because he had a frog which looked fairly healthy and there are no dramatic changes to see in the photos. 

Maybe a slightly stronger looking foot today but honestly not much to see from the photos alone. 

The biggest improvement for me is in his movement, which has freed up over the last 8 weeks with his landing becoming more confident. It is not that easy to film unfortunately as he is a very laidback horse who walks much more purposefully when he is out as opposed to when we film him!

Merlin's footage is here:

Next up is Jules, another whose photos and footage don't really match - there is a definite theme developing for these horses...

With Jules we have a different situation again. Her photos show nice improvement but her landing, although improving, is not yet heel first which is frustrating. 

There is good growth - you can see the nail holes are now gone and her hoof is growing in at a better angle. 
From the sole we also see improving frogs and better concavity, all nice. 

Less of a change from this angle, most likely as her landing is still not heel first. 

On this foot Jules was landing on the medial side and that is improving, with a more even landing today although still not totally balanced. 
The photos bear this out, with a more balanced foot and better frog. Nevertheless, it has not been enough improvement to allow her to fully engage the palmar hoof. 

Jules' footage is here:
Although her landing is not as bad as it was, it is not yet heel first. From the medial aspect again it has become more balanced but she is still landing medially instead of evenly. She is heading in the right direction but I could bear her to be doing so a little more quickly!