Sunday 6 December 2020

Buddy's update - eleven weeks

Buddy has been here for 11 weeks and so its time for a review. Buddy had already been out of shoes a whole before he arrived but his landing was stubbornly toe first and he had poor medio-lateral balance, particularly on his LF. 

His landing is now much improved and although he didn't have terrible feet, they are tider to look at, as well, with a shorter toe. 

His frogs and palms hoof have developed considerably, as you can see, and the  back of his foot is much stronger than it was. His landing is now heel first and he is generelaly more confident. 

This is also a more balanced foot, although he still has a tendency to land laterally. As hie grows in more of his new hoof capsule this should continue to improve. 

its usually a sign of long hoof wall when it chips or cracks, and in Buddy's case this was probably true as he has not been trimmed over the time he has been here but his feet nevertheless look shorter and neater. Most rehab hroses self-trim, not just here but once they are home as well, as growth and wear balance to the horse's movement.

Again, a much more developed frog and a shorter, stronger foot, which is what we want. consistent work will be the key to keeping this going forwards.