Monday, 14 October 2019

Amy's 5 week update

The weather has been so wet here that we've struggled to get footage and photos, mostly because its been so dark, but rehab continues no matter what the weather, so new updates are urgently needed! 
I am pleased with how Amy's feet are changing because she started with very mis-matched feet which clearly showed how little she had been using her RF. There is still a big difference but they are slowly booming more of a pair. 
Her feet didn't look too bad on the initial sole shots but you can see how little she was using her frog and heel. Now its a more functional foot, with a heel which is less under-run and more supportive. 

Shorter hoof wall and a frog which is working harder are good signs here. 
 On this foot, the long toe and under-run heel are looking much more business-like now, and her feet are starting to work together more effectively.

Again, the sole shots don't look too bad but her foot is looking stronger today. 

 Amy's comparison footage is up here:

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Frank's fortnight comparison photos

 Of course the problem with photos from this angle is that you can' t really see any difference at all but I know Lenice and Carol would kill me if I got rid of the feathers!

This a better looking frog and sole, which is good to see. Frank is still getting used to his new landing so I expect to see more changes over the next few weeks. 

Again, feather is a problem but his foot is becoming stronger, or so it looks from this angle. 

Frank already had nice looking feet, its just a case of getting him moving better on them.

Frank's footage is here: and its good to see a more confident landing on him already. 

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Apollo and his fortnight comparison

As with Amy, the most obvious change for Apollo is that his feet are starting to look more of a pair which is a good indication that he is loading more evenly between his front feet than before. 

No dramatic changes from the sole shots but better medio-lateral balance. 

 The clearest difference here is that his feathers are growing any a heck of a rate...!

I like the fact that his feet are more of a pair now but his toe is shorter and his foot looks more solidly underneath him. 

Other than a slightly more robust frog, no big changes from this angle. 

Apollo's footage is here: As with his photos, its not that there dramatic change when you look at his dorso-palmar balance (he was already landing heel first), but his media-lateral balance is looking better. 

Monday, 23 September 2019

First fortnight: Amy's update

The current group of the rehab horses have been here for a fortnight so it's time for an update. I'm starting with Amy because she has already made some good changes which are clear on photos. 
As ever, the original photo is at the top and her most recent photo is below. I'm really pleased that she is now more willing to load this foot as better movement is the key to better feet, and vice versa.  

 This is a more active foot, as you can tell, but its from the other angles that the changes are clearest.

The frog is beginning to engage better and that's the key to developing the back of her foot. 

On this foot as well there is a less under-run heel and her toe is shortening as well. 

 The same change is clear from the sole shots, which is nice.

As on the other foot, there is a stronger palmar hoof and a developing digital cushion which is a good sign. 

Amy's footage is here and she is landing better on all four feet although she still has a long way to go.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Last post for this weeK: Amy

The last horse of the new arrival is Amy. Its clear from her photos that her front feet are very different  but in fact she has had lameness issues with both front feet, 
Historically this is of course a weak foot and has probably never been as robust as it should be in terms of palmar hoof strength. However that is something that can certainly change and improvements here are what we will look for over the next few weeks. 
Her frogs are weak on this foot, as you would expect, but actually her digital cushion looks much better from this angle. 
From this view the difference between her feet is very obvious and its an indication that in the past she has used the RF much less than the LF. The lameness on the left is more recent and could be the result of overloading over time but we can't be sure. 
The frog on this foot is better and as with the other 2 arrivals there is a lot to like. 

Amy's footage is here :