Tuesday 5 November 2019

Apollo's 8 week update.

This is Apollo's 8 week update; the top photo is week 1 and the bottom is week 8. As you can see Apollo' foot looks more symmetrical. The back of the foot is further back and wider and as a result is giving him more support. 

The collateral grooves are deeper now, showing that his sole is becoming thicker; the ridges around the frog are usually a sign of a weaker sole which needs support and I would expect these to disappear as his foot becomes stronger. 

There  isn't much to see here as the feather makes it hard to compare digital cushion and heel depth; there is little obvious change from the week 1 photo apart from it being shorter.

In Apollo's week 8 photo his foot is more symmetrical which shows his medio-lateral balance has improved. His frog is also more robust and he has a shorter toe. 

Apart from Apollo's feather being long you can see that on his week 8 photo his heel is shorter and wider compared to week 1; his week 8 hooves are giving more support.

His footage is here - chart the increase in feather(!): https://vimeo.com/370695504

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