Monday 4 November 2019

Frank's 8 week update

The top one is Franks first photo and the bottom is his week 8 update. As you can see the back of the  foot and frog have widened as well as the foot overall, telling us that his foot has gained strength.

Even though it's hard to tell looking from the back of the foot it's shallower but wider as well as level so he has formed a stronger heel and is able to load more weight on it.

Looking at Franks front right it looks like the back of the foot is wider and stronger. It's also looking as if it has better media-lateral balance, with the medial and lateral sides of the foot more symmetrical.

Looking at his left heel it has also increased in depth and widened meaning he's able to load on it better and more comfortably.

When we look at Frank's footage there are a couple of good change. Firstly he is more comfortable in front generally and moving more freely from the shoulder and secondly, when we look at him from the front he is much straighter:

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