Monday 23 November 2020

Valentina's 12 week update

Valentina went home this weekend so its a chance to review how she has done. As usual, her top phtos are from the day she arrived and her lower photos are the comparison from 12 weeks later. 

The LF is definitely her worst foot, as her landing on this foot has not yet improved enough for her to be back in full work. This is unusual, as the majorioty of horses are working 4 times a week by this stage but occasionally wehvae a horse who does not play by the rules and Valentina is one of those! Still, her stance is showing a better foot than she had on arrival so she may well develop a better landing over the next few months. 

This is now a different shaped and much healthier looking foot but her frog is under-developed compared to the RF and it is this which is probably impacting her landing. 

Again, from this angle her foot has a better digital cushion than it had when she arrived, but this has not yet been enough to give her a good landing. It may be a question of more time, but its impossible to be sure. 

Not the best angle of photo as it has made her feet look boxy, which they aren't, so apologies for that! This is actually her better foot where she has developed a heel first landing and a better stride length as a result. 

Again, the angle is not great, but she has a shorter toe now and a stronger frog, which is good to see. 

From this perspective its easy to see how her digital cushion has improved and her foot balance improved, despite the poor light for taking photos. 

We're keeping everything crossed that Valentina will continue to improve back home over the winter.