Friday 12 January 2018

Dolly - further and better particulars

My first blog post of the New Year was a slightly gloomy progress report on Dolly, who had shown some improvement but had not yet managed the all-important heel first landing. 

Since then however she has been working well and steadily becoming more competent and at last when we filmed her today we could see that she had started to land properly. 

I took her comparison sole shots in the school as her feet were beautifully clean - the upper photos in each case are from the day she arrived - and its encouraging to see the changes. 

Her footage is here: and from now on she should become much more confident. 

Tuesday 2 January 2018

Dolly's update

Dolly's photos should have been posted last week but I was hoping for better weather and a better landing which unfortunately are not yet apparent. 
She does have a little more development in the back of her foot but she has not really made the progress that the other rehab horses have made over the past 8 weeks. 
Her frogs and heels are a little less contracted but it has not been enough to allow her to land consistently heel first, though she does manage an occasional heel first landing especially downhill. 

As you can see, she is growing her hoof capsule in at a better angle which is nice to see but we really need that to translate into better movement. 

Again, some improvement in her heels and frog but a foot which is still too weak for a solid heel first landing.