Monday 27 August 2018

Oscar's 8/9 week update

The photos I've included in this update are of Oscar at 9 weeks but the video is of him at 8 weeks - the reason being that my internet was so slow last week that it made uploads impossible. 
Although Oscar had thin soles and flat feet - and he arrived in shoes - he has made good progress so far.  Comparing the back of his feet the improvements are obvious and his soles are developing as well.  
As usual, the foot is actually less supported - particularly the back of the foot - in a shoe than it is in its natural state.  Ironic, of course, in view of the widespread belief that shoes provide support. 

Its especially good to see this foot becoming more balanced. This can also be seen in his footage (below). 

This was his better foot originally so the changes are less dramatic. 

Neverthless, some good changes to see. 

Oscar's comparison landing footage is in this link for those who are interested:

Thursday 23 August 2018

Beau - an 8 week update

I'm a little late updating on the rehab horses as my internet decided to go back in time to dial up speeds on Monday and its only just dragged itself back to life. 
Still, better late than never here are Beau's photos, with the original ones at the top and her 8 week shots below. The biggest change is in the development at the back of her foot, as you can see if you compare the white hairs on this foot. 

The heels are broadening and are far less under-run than they were originally.  
There is still old growth which will take a few more months to grow out - you can see this clearly if you compare the angle of the dorsal wall in the photos above and look at the toe in these photos, but that will sort itself out over the next few months.  

A much more solid digital cushion and fatter frog - all good signs.
The angle of the new growth is very clear in these photos, with the change in angle obvious just over halfway down the hoof capsule. 

I like the fact that this foot is now more balanced  - from the footage she now has better medio-lateral balance on this foot in motion.  

 Beau's comparison footage is here: