Saturday 6 November 2021

Crumble's 8 week update

 A belated update for Crumble who has now been here for 8 weeks so there is more to see than last time! 

A clear angle of new growth at the top of the hoof capsule which is good to see and the signs of a more developed and beefy palmar hoof and digital cushion. 

She already had good frogs but they are working harder and there is better concavity in the foot which should continue to improve. 

A bulkier and harder working digital cushion is starting to build now that she is doing more mileage. 

A shorter toe and a good rate of growth which means she should be well on the way to half a new hoof capsule by the time she goes home. 

Overall, a harder working foot which is becoming stronger, and her footage will follow.