Monday 13 September 2021

Donovan's 8 week update

Finally its Donovan's 8 week update, and as with the other horses, some clear changes in his hoof growth with better quality hoof wall visible in the top third of the hoof. 

His toe will shorten as the new hoof grows in and his palmar hoof should also continue to develop. 

Donovan has a central sulcus split which we will need to keep on top of but his landing is helping and this should heal up over the next few weeks. 

As with the other foot, there is a central sulcus split which we would like to see go completely as this will help his frog and digital cushion development. 

Donovan's footage is here:

Tadpole's 8 week update

Time for Tadpole's 8 week update now, and as with the other horses there are some obvious changes in his hoof capsule as the new hoof grows in. 

This will result in a shorter toe and a more supportive palmar hoof as the foot continues to grow. 

Some good changes in his frog with more strength evident in the back of the foot. 

There is still lots of change to come and I would expect his palmar hoof to carry on strengthening over the next few months. 

On the left foot and again there are some big changes in his hoof capsule are now visible. 

Still a long way to go before his frog has de-contracted, of course, but there is improvement, albeit happening steadily rather than rapidly. 

His digital cushion is also slowly improving but again will take time before it is as good as it can be. 

Tadpole's footage is here:

Friday 10 September 2021

Candy's 8 week update

Candy comes next and again we have a clear sign of new growth in the hoof capsule, with her original photo at the top and the current photo below.  

Its good to see her frog improving and her toe shortening as the new hoof grows down. Overall the proportions of her foot are already better, with more depth to the palmar hoof. 

She was landing reasonably on this foot when she arrived but is more confident now and the improvement is clear in her digital cushion. 

Her foot looks pretty funky currently with a big difference between the new and old growth but that will normalise as her foot grows in. 

The landing on this foot has changed more than the left foot and there is consequently a bigger change in the frog and heels. 

Candy's footage is here:

James' 8 week update

Yet again the time has shot past and here we are with an 8 week update due for James. Overall I am pleased with the progress he has made, although as you can see he has a lot of new hoof capsule still to grow in. 

As usual, the most recent photos are below with the original ones at the top. You can see the new growth quite clearly and it is accompanied by a better landing which is the most important thing. 

A better frog and as the new growth comes down his toe will shorten as well. 

A nice improvement in frog and digital cushion with more to come over the next few weeks. 

Again, a better angle of new growth and his foot will be much more supportive once it has fully grown in. 

As with the left foot, a stronger frog and the beginnings of a more concave sole. 

Clear improvement from this angle as well, which is great to see. James' footage is now up here: