Friday 10 September 2021

James' 8 week update

Yet again the time has shot past and here we are with an 8 week update due for James. Overall I am pleased with the progress he has made, although as you can see he has a lot of new hoof capsule still to grow in. 

As usual, the most recent photos are below with the original ones at the top. You can see the new growth quite clearly and it is accompanied by a better landing which is the most important thing. 

A better frog and as the new growth comes down his toe will shorten as well. 

A nice improvement in frog and digital cushion with more to come over the next few weeks. 

Again, a better angle of new growth and his foot will be much more supportive once it has fully grown in. 

As with the left foot, a stronger frog and the beginnings of a more concave sole. 

Clear improvement from this angle as well, which is great to see. James' footage is now up here:

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