Monday, 23 August 2021

Candy's 4 week update

 Candy's is the last of our 4 week updates - delayed from last week with apologies. As usual, the current photos are at the bottom of each pair, with the original photos at the top. 

The most obvious change is the new growth, which you can see in the top band of hoof capsule. As this grows down it will shorten her toe and allow the whole hoof to be more supportive of the limb. 

Lots of improvement still required but a better frog is developing and the foot is becoming less under-run. 
We want to see her foot getting stronger at the back, primarily, and a more robust frog is the first step.

Again, the new growth can be seen at the top - this will be more obvious as the hoof capsule grows down. 

Her foot is beginning to look less contracted at the heels and from this angle as well her frog is improving. 

Candy's footage is here:

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