Sunday, 3 November 2019

Amy's 8 week update

This is Amy's 8 week comparison, showing the changes in her feet with the original photos at the top and the most recent ones below. Today her foot looks much more supportive (this was her lamest foot).

Her frog is much more defined now, the foot is more compact and has a shorter toe with less under-run heels.

Although its tricky to see as her feet are a little muddy, she has a stronger digital cushion and is collapsing less at the back of her foot than she was.


On this foot as well she is a lot more stable than before, her heels are more supportive and again have moved further back. 

This foot has not changed as dramatically as the other foot but she is still showing improvements with the toe shorter and the foot broader and stronger. 

As with the other foot there aren't dramatic changes but it's a more capable foot than before. 

When we look at her footage its a nice progression from a toe first landing to a better landing and comparing her footage from 3 weeks ago to day she is definitely moving more confidently and freely.

Amy's footage is here:

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