Monday, 2 December 2019

Foot transformation - from week 1 to week 12

Quite a transformation from Amy over the 12 weeks that she has been here....As always, her foot on the day she arrived is above, and the photo below is from when she went home,

I have a raft of footage and photos which I will work my way through, but I wanted to post these because they are a good illustration of how fast feet can change, given the right opportunity.

Apologies for the mud, as the staff were in the throes of brushing her off, but there are equally dramatic changes in this, her lamer foot. Her feet are still not a pair but they are much better than they were, a sign that they are loading more evenly than before. 

I'll post more comparison shots, and footage, which is even more interesting, over the next few days. 


Lesley said...

Out of the three of them, Amy changes are the most amazing!!

R's Rue said...