Sunday 5 January 2020

Happy New Year

Well here it is, the first blog post of 2020 and what better way to start than as the way we hope to carry on?

 We've not had many opportunities to get the horses out on the moor over the last 18 months and hunting has had to take a back seat, last season because of my trip to New Zealand.

So far this season we've had our hands full on the farm every weekend, with rehab horses and of course planting our 1600 new trees but now its a new year and time for new plans.

We've really missed getting out, and the horses have as well. They see plenty of hunting even when they stay here as hounds often come through the farm, but its not the same; they were as keen as mustard when we set off - in fact Bryher had to be restrained from jumping onto the lorry before we'd got the first set of partitions closed.
 In deference to our horses' relative lack of fitness (and if we are honest, that goes for the riders as well, at least as far as hunting fitness is concerned) we were out for less then 2 hours but we had a blast. Roll on 2020!

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