Monday, 13 January 2020

Ella's week 1 photos

Ella arrived with a history of on/off lameness and a diagnosis of suspensory issues in the RH and ligament and tendon strain with navicular damage in her RF. She has been shod previously, including with remedial shoes, but wasn't really benefitting from them.
She has nice looking feet but the back of the hoof is on the weak side and her toe is long, usually another indicator that the palmar hoof is not up to the job.
The sole shows a nice enough foot but shallower than you'd like to see ideally. 
From this angle her digital cushion isn't too bad and her frog is in good health so I am hopeful she will be able to improve her feet relatively quickly. 
Again, not a bad foot at all and plenty for us to work with. Really, with a slightly shorter toe and slightly stronger digital cushion this would be a good foot. 
As always, we are not going to shorten the toe by trimming as that would be the wrong way round and would most likely cause her to be sore. 
What she needs is to develop a stronger palmar hoof then she will be able to deal with the change in load caused by a shorter toe. We still won't need to trim her, though, as she will achieve this better at her own rate. 

Ella's footage shows she is landing flat on her LF and toe first on her RF. Her medio-lateral balance is pretty good, though, with just a fractional imbalance on her RF. Her footage is here:

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