Wednesday 16 October 2019

Apollo week five update

Comparing Apollo's photos its good to see that his toe is shorter now and his heels less under-run. He is also a lot more feathery but that's just what happens in five weeks with a cob.

This is not a terribly clear comparison but you can see that he already had a good strong frog and a solid foot. His landing was already quite established when he arrived so we had plenty to work with. 
I would normally add his lateral shot here but the feather makes that a bit impractical as all you can see is hard, so I've left that off for this run of photos. 

This foot was his better foot to start with so there is not as much change as on his left foot, suggesting he was already more comfortable on this side. 

This is a slightly clearer sole shot and you can see that even on this foot his heels are less under-run and his frogs more robust than they were, all good signs.

Apollo's stomping footage is here:

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