Monday, 15 March 2021

Updates continued...

Following on from yesterday's update, here are the last photos and footage updates from the weekend. First up is Astro who is growing in a new hoof capsule at a much better angle, as you can see from the lower, more recent photo in each case. 

The new growth is visible in the top band of the lower photo and the previously bulging hairline at th quarters is also evening out, a sign of better loading of the foot. 

An improving foot with more structure in the palmar hoof and the long toe and weak quarters improving. 

The same angle change can be seen in both feet, meaning he is growing a better connected, stronger hoof capsule. 

As with the RF, a shorter toe, stronger palmar hoof and developing sole depth. 

Astro's footage is here:

Finally Isla's photos, again showing the changes over 8 weeks. 
Some good changes to see here as well, with a more solid palmar hoof and less under-run heel.

Isla already had a decent frog but her foot was unbalanced with the widest point of the foot too far forward, indicating a weak palmar hoof. That is now rebalancing and will get stronger over the next few months. 

The beginnings of a stronger foot with a healthier frog and digital cushion. 

The changes are not so dramatic in this foot but the new growth is still clearly visible at the top. 

This was the healthier foot to start with so there are less obvious changes, but the same rebalancing is going on. 

The shorter hoof wall is clear from this angle - the length has chipped and worn slowly and naturally without the need for trimming. 

Isla's footage is here:

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