Friday, 25 October 2013

Comparison x-rays and a happy Friday update!

Thanks to Krista and her vet Chris Tufnell for sending me these comparison x-rays of the shots they took of Buddy's feet, a year apart.

Buddy came here in November last year and the initial x-rays were taken in September with the new ones 11 months later. 
The top ones show his navicular bone and the older one is on the left.
These show his pedal bone - he had been diagnosed with pedal osteitis in addition to the navicular bone damage, again with the older one on the left. 

Interesting, isn't it?! And more importantly, Buddy and Krista have been having a heap of fun since then, not least at the RRR...

Its all on Buddy's blog and its a really fantastic read for a dark, grey Friday - I suddenly feel as if the sun has come out :-)


cptrayes said...

They aren't going to be able to keep going with the 'navicular disease is degenerative' mantra for much longer, are they??? :) :) :)

Nic Barker said...

:-) Oh, I don't know - nothing wrong with that horse that a set of bar shoes wouldn't cure!

cptrayes said...

Yes, and I know just where I'd like to put them.



amandap said...

A question about the second pair of X Rays. In the recent pedal bone one (RH side pic), the hoof capsule and pedal bone appear to have shifted round. P3 looks to be in a different position in relation to the frog underneath. Am I seeing this correctly and if I am, what does it mean?