Tuesday, 22 October 2013

O'Neil's 12 week update

O'Neil has been here for 12 weeks and he has made progress but its been slow rather than spectacular. 
His photos look pretty good - from this contracted and skewed frog on day one to this (below) after a few weeks. 
The place to look here are his heels which were still incredibly weak. O'Neil was not surprisingly still landing toe first at this stage.  
A few weeks later and his heels are moving back and becoming more supportive. He is now landing heel first on this foot but his other front foot is still lagging behind.
The caudal shots are encouraging because its clear how much his feet are improving - again this is his better foot from day one to 12 weeks later.

The same story with his most troublesome foot. Good changes but not enough in the first few weeks for him to change his landing. 
As with his RF the heels are moving back and becoming more supportive but he's still not comfortable in his movement even though he's better than he used to be.  

A much better caudal shot - now he just needs to use it!
As a reminder, here are his lateral shots over 12 weeks. 

Better, I'm sure you agree, but still a way to go. 


cptrayes said...

It's the slope of the bit at the bottom of the eastern at the back that gives the game away, isn't it?

It plummets down to the heel, where strong feet come out much more level.

Is he staying a while longer to strengthen up more before he goes home?


amandap said...

Does "eastern" = pastern? I don't understand anyway CPT, but I am slow.

I need lines drawn on and 2 year old explanations. lol

Good progress to my eye.

cptrayes said...

Yes, damned predictive text!!

Let your eye follow the back of the pastern down to where it meets the heel.

Then look at the angle that part of the foot makes as it goes to the back of the foot - it runs away downhill.

In strong feet, it's much more level, sometimes pretty much horizontal.



Nic Barker said...

Agreed, C - yep, he is here for another 4 weeks I hope if all goes well :-)

amandap said...

Ah, got ya CPT. Is a stronger hoof plumper in that region as well?