Monday, 28 October 2013

Arnold's 7 week update

Since I was AWOL for part of last week I am now way behind with updates...I promise I will get to everyone  - without fail - but first up is Arnold who has now been here for 7 weeks. 
So here are his feet on the day he arrived, with the most recent photo below. I much prefer the balance of his hooves as they are today - better frogs, the beginnings of a decent heel and a much better proportion at the toe - the widest part of his foot is now much further back than it was, which is a healthy sign. 
Of course Arnold has a long way to go. Although his frog and heels are improving they are not yet good enough for him to have an established heel first landing. 
You can see from this angle that though his toe is a lot shorter (and his nail holes are all but gone) his heels are still under-run compared to where they need to be. 

Here is his LF - not the lamest foot but the one which looked the worse (another good example of the tricks photos can play!). 
A dramatically better frog and heels which are clearly beginning to work...but...his movement (as on his RF) has yet to catch up properly, though it should come. 

Here is his footage over the last 7 weeks for you to have a look at, and you'll see what I mean. 


Milena said...

Horses are amazing !

Unknown said...

The difference if his frogs are amazing! I have been videoing my horse and what I am seeing is similar. So the first video you can clearly see the horse pointing his toe and landing toe first, the second and third video look like he is landing mostly flat to me, is that correct?