Thursday, 17 October 2013

Welcome Trooper!

New boy Trooper arrived yesterday - he's only come from down the road in north Devon but he's been lame for 5 months now. 
 This is his RF - his worst foot - which was diagnosed on MRI as having a core DDFT lesion. He initially improved after a cortisone injection but unfortunately that didn't last long and the lameness recurred after a few weeks.
Bar shoes haven't helped either so having given the alternatives his best shot, its barefoot or bust for Trooper!
Its pretty hard to assess soles and frogs in bar shoes but once out of the shoes his feet look like this. Could be a lot worse, and it will be interesting to see how the asymmetrical sole changes.
 Although his LF isn't so lame it still looks pretty under-run and the long toe and growth rings aren't great either but of course that's all stuff which can change.
Trooper's frogs look much better out of shoes and his under-run heels should change fairly quickly as well.
Good luck Trooper, and welcome to the world of barefoot!

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