Friday, 11 October 2013

Indy's update - nearly 4 weeks

Indy will have been here 4 weeks on Sunday, so here goes with his update.
The most dramatic change I think is the more robust back of the foot and shorter toe. Indy has a useful seam on his LF which you can see is now at a steeper angle than it was - he should have a very chunky hoof once he has finished.
The nail-holes are growing down and now that he is working consistently his hoof growth should speed up even more.  
Horrid frogs, but that can only improve! Meanwhile his foot is becoming slowly more symmetrical as it starts to load more evenly.

Indy's RF hasn't changed quite as dramatically but is also shortening at the toe and becoming stronger at the back. 

Indy's frogs are where he needs to focus his efforts now but since his landing has improved those should get a lot stronger with every step he takes.
Here is his footage...
...and on a circle...

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cptrayes said...

That's an enormous angle change for four weeks.