Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Reine's 4 week update

Time for Reine's update. She has been here 4 weeks now and her owner came to visit at the weekend, when we took some updated photos and video. 
Reine has already been barefoot for a couple of years and there was lots to like about her feet but she had never been able to land heel first and this had led to niggling soundness issues which her owner is keen to try and improve. 
 On the sole shots there is not a huge difference, though her heels and frog are looking stronger. 
The lateral shots show a much shorter toe (and don't forget, she hasn't been trimmed at all) and the chipping of the long hoof wall at her toe as she brings it back to a better position herself. 
Her palmar hoof is stronger and that is confirmed by the fact that she is now landing heel first on this foot.
Her stance is improving too, though I'd forgotten that when she arrived she found it almost impossible to stand square. 

On her LF she is not yet landing heel first but looking at the change at the back of the hoof it looks as if it shouldn't be long before she is comfortable enough to do this.

More on Reine shortly!


cptrayes said...

So what is it about your regime that can resolve a horse which is already barefoot and has no disease?

My guess is that its the movement encouraged by the herd, the track, and the way you feed.

I have tried to replicate that, with success twice (no failures) by walking them out like a dog on a lead.

Is there anything else in that magic air of yours Nic??


Nic Barker said...

Rain?! :-) Seriously, most likely the track surfaces or the fact that Felix and Charlie give them tips ;-)