Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Reine's update

Reine has been here 8 weeks and its time for another update. She had been barefoot for quite some time before she came here and it has definitely meant she made faster progress.
However, when she arrived her foot balance wasn't right for her as you can tell by the photos I took of her stance on day one.
 It was fairly typical for her not to stand square and I have various shots of her front legs on day one but I'm glad to say that her normal stance now is as she is below.

Her toe has shortened considerably but she has only really begun to start building the back of her foot - that should continue over the next few weeks. 
The other thing which is changing is her medio-lateral balance - not the easiest thing to see in these photos but she was overloading the lateral side of this foot and you can see that her frog was more developed on the lateral (RH) side. 
In the recent photo there is a slightly more symmetrical foot and her hoof wall and heels are functioning better as well now that she is landing less toe first and more consistently flat or heel first.  

Again, a shorter toe and the beginnings of a deeper palmar hoof and digital cushion. This has also improved her hoof/pastern axis.

Better symmetry in the foot and a heel and frog which are starting to function. 

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