Monday, 21 October 2013

New achievements for old rehabs

I am absolutely thrilled to be able to post updates on 2 horses who were rehabs here earlier in the year. Both of them have had some serious ups and downs to contend with so although I am not posting about them being placed or winning rosettes, their achievements are equally if not more impressive. 
Many of you will remember Paddy who went home following his foot rehab here and straight away went off to have his kissing spine operated on.

Well, Friday was a momentous day as - after months and months of in-hand work building him up - Emma finally got back on board, nearly a year after she last rode him(!). She sent me this fab pic (which also shows his stunning heel first landing - big improvement on last year when his vet wanted to de-nerve him!) and this great clip - Emma is the one grinning from ear to ear!

Well done both of you and onwards and upwards :-)

Meanwhile, Chester has only been home for just over a month but has been going from strength to strength. He had started to land heel first while he was here but he still wasn't as confident on his LF especially on circles - but look at him today! 
Now Louise is finding that his landing is really consistent and it was fantastic to hear that his vet is also much more optimistic about his future, having assessed him last week. 
As always, once horses go home its only the beginning - kudos to Louise and Emma, who've both worked so hard to bring Paddy and Chester back into work - can't wait for your next updates!
And there is one more update - this time on Patsy who went home in 2011 and this time it IS an update with a rosette 'cos they went out competing and came 4th :-)

Huge congratulations everyone :-)

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