Monday, 4 November 2013

Indy's 7 week update

Indy, the 17.1hh eventer who came back with us from the RRR, has now been here for 7 weeks and has made good progress. The still from his landing footage on arrival is above and the comparison still, from yesterday, is below. A big improvement in landing - the full footage is at the bottom of today's post.

  You can see from the lateral photos that the back of his foot is considerably deeper and stronger today (below) than it was when he arrived. In addition his nail holes are now gone and his whole foot is less under-run - the useful line at his quarter gives a good indication of how this is changing. 

Its the same story with his RF and you can also see clearly here the new growth in the top inch of his dorsal wall which is growing in. 

One of Indy's problems when he arrived were weak frogs which had developed a deep central sulcus split (a sheared heel) while he was in bar shoes. 
Luckily this has not stopped him from developing and strengthening his palmar hoof but you can see from today's photo that his frogs are looking tatty at the moment as the old, weak layer has mostly shed off. There is a clear difference in the width of his heels and once his frog has rebuilt he should have a much stronger foot. 
Again, don't be deceived by the fact that his frog looks untidy today. In fact it will grow in to be much wider than it was but at the moment he is missing a lot of frog as the old, infected top layer visible above has shed. I'll post new photos in a few weeks and by then he should be looking a lot more respectable.

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