Thursday, 14 November 2013

Dylan's 8 week update

Dylan has been here 8 weeks and its more than time for his update. He had amazed me and his owner with how well he had progressed out of shoes in his first few weeks but of course the rehab road is never a smooth, upward curve and poor Dylan had a setback last week with a badly bruised hind foot.
However, he he has been well and truly back on track this week and its pleasing to see how much his feet have changed. Day 1 is above and his recent photos are below. 
There is so much to like about this photo, not just the shorter toe (which has been achieved by Dylan on his own with no trimming required) and the lack of nail-holes but more importantly the more supportive heel and digital cushion, both less under-run than they were in his bar shoe and wedge - like Trooper on Monday, begging the question of how much "support" these remedial shoes were in fact providing.
I've put 3 photos on this sequence because its interesting to see the changes from the sole shots. The photo above is day 1...
...and this is him at 8 weeks. Still a terribly weak palmar hoof but you can see that he is trying his best to make changes and build it up. 

Here's his LF, again still weak and under-run but much less so than before and the other nice thing is that the hairline is much more even and less crushed at the digital cushion. 

Again, great work by Dylan to improve his heels and frog so though he has a lot still to do it should be onwards and upwards over the next few weeks. 


Dom said...

So much better already, as usual. The day 1 photo made me cringe.

amandap said...

Lots of improvements. Go Dylan I'm sure were all sending you best wishes.