Friday, 22 November 2013

Friday's for frillies

I've posted before about Candy, who was with us more than a year ago now. She had lots of things against her when she arrived, not least a gloomy prognosis following her MRI (which showed navicular bone damage as well as DDFT and impar ligament damage).

Added to that, though she had already come out of shoes when she arrived, she was very lame following an poorly judged trim by a hoofcare professional.

She improved steadily over the 12 weeks she was here but went home still with weak feet which needed lots of additional time and mileage and Candy, Hannah and Doreen worked incredibly hard on those feet over the next few months, come hail, rain, snow or sun!

By the time of the RRR 2013 she was on fine form indeed and I think surprised even Hannah with her high-performance feet.

It was also a great opportunity to learn from apparently imperfect hooves how important asymmetry can sometimes be for even hoof balance and limb loading and we got some great footage of Candy in action:

Fast forward another couple of months and despite Candy now being a veteran (she was 17 when she came to us and had had a lifetime of shod hooves) things are only getting better...

"Here's an update to add to your rehabs getting out and about tally.

Doreen and I took Candy out stressaging in the drizzly murk yesterday, and she was placed twice, with Doreen in the vet horse class and with me in the vet rider class :)

She goes from strength to strength, with continuing improvements to her feet: definite heel landings, increasing concavity, strengthening digital cushions!

It took so long, it would have been easy to give up without your sane 'keep on keeping on' message."

Frillies too! Whatever next? A lovely Friday post and a fitting reward to Hannah, Doreen and Candy's perseverance and endless hard work :-)


Hannah said...

Bashful :)

amandap said...

I love these updates! Well done all.

Nic Barker said...

No, Hannah, hard-earned ;-)