Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A miscellany of updates

Just adding Isla's footage which I didn't manage to get last week. Her photos are here: for reference.

Its also Arnold's update. He has been here for 9 weeks and has made some good changes.
This is a foot which is re-orientating. When he arrived he had contracted heels and you can see that the widest part of his foot was near the apex of his frog. 
Today the back third of his foot is more substantial and the widest point is moving further back, a good sign that his palmar hoof is becoming stronger. There is still more improvement to come, of course.  
Excuse the mud, but you can see that his toe is shorter and the digital cushion is building up. You can also see the new angle of growth in the top third of his foot in the lower photo. 

This wasn't his lamest foot but he has been slower to change the landing on this foot. However, he is now making good changes to the palmar hoof and again the widest part is moving back, indicating a more supportive hoof capsule. 

A clear difference in the digital cushion at the back of the foot and a shorter toe with again a clear angle of new growth. 
The contrast between the old and new growth makes his foot look a bit odd at the moment but if you imagine the whole foot grown in at the new angles I hope you can see how much stronger it will be. 

Here is his footage to give you a better picture of how his feet are changing.

A bit manic here as you can tell, as it was sunny yesterday so Edward and I were catching up on filming with the result that I have way too much to upload now...!

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