Thursday, 30 August 2012

Owners' week continued: the vet visit

Continuing the theme of posts from owners, this is the other side of the coin - an email from Debbie about Paddy (who was here a year ago).  Paddy had been diagnosed in 2011 as having bilateral DDFT damage which was worse on his LF and despite having his stay here interrupted with colic surgery has made a great recovery.
"Pads had his annual vaccinations and check up yesterday. It was such a shame that the vet was not more interested in him being barefoot!

Conversation went: 

Vet: so how is he getting on barefoot? 

Me: Really well thanks - very happy not lame, just a little footy with all the grass. 

Vet: Oh, lightly kicked his foot left hoof, like you might a tyre, picked it up, looked underneath made a slight noise, put it down and that was that!

Oh well at least Paddy and I are happy!"

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amandap said...

Great to see Paddy doing so well.