Monday, 6 August 2012

8 weeks - M update

Scarily its already 8 weeks since M, the scholarship horse arrived at Rockley. He is a TB ex-rachorse with a good history of complex lameness problems(!) which of course is one reason he was chosen.
He has had long term lameness issues and also had terribly thin soles and weak "typical TB" feet when he arrived despite an excellent diet, treatment for ulcers and the best possible care from his owner. These photos compare him on arrival and at 8 weeks (below).
M has not been in work as fast or to the same extent as some horses, because he was so uncomfortable when he first arrived but nevertheless he is growing a good new hoof capsule and making some nice changes. Its a huge relief that we can't flex his soles with thumb pressure any more, for a start!
Here is his LF day one - the semi-circle at the toe is bruising.
The same foot last week. Bruising gone (thank goodness!), straighter bars and a better frog though lots of improvement is still needed and those heels need to move a lot further back.
Caudal shots, same foot (8 weeks ago above and last week below); its all about digital cushion development and shorter hoof wall. There is no doubt that ex-racehorses are compromised not only by the injuries they tend to suffer during racing but more importantly from the fact that they are shod months - often years - younger than other horses.
Still, lets not write M off just yet, as he is trying so hard and being such a good boy!

I know I need to post updates on Abbey, Dali and Legend this week as well as posts on the new kids - it will be a busy week!


M's mum said...

These feet are changing!!!!
:0) :0) :0) :0)
I know it's slow compared to some, but he's got a lot to fix!!
Clever feet!

Thanks so much, Nic x

amandap said...

Go M!

Unknown said...

That is amazing bet m feels like the world is his oyster again :)

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Go M!! To M's Mom, I too, have a off the track TB, who raced for yrs (I got him at 7 yrs old hot off track) and he was shod at the time. He's been barefoot since 2010 with ups/downs but his feet are always changing, so it's a plus :) Despite one hoof being a bit tricky (he had laminitis) his three other bare feet are HAPPY to be bare, and that was done not nearly in the way of Rockley's excellence. Go M!!!

M's mum said...

Thank you for support everyone! Keep those good vibes comin'!!!