Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Handsome, kind and looking for a fabulous loan home...

For many of you, Mr Knightley needs no introduction. He came here in October last year as a rehab and once recovered and back in work he was due to rejoin his family when they returned to the UK from Dubai earlier this year. 
However, they were then relocated to South Africa and although they would have loved to take Knightley with them, they sensibly decided that the long trip and extensive time in quarantine would be unfair on him. 
Knightley came back to Rockley in July for a "working holiday" and is now looking for a loan home while his family are abroad. He is very handsome and is a charming horse to have around - he lives happily with the gang here, has excellent manners and is everyone's friend.
Knightley is now 14 yrs old and is a Selle Francais; he is a tall chap, between 16.3-17hh. He has good feet now and loves going out and about so his ideal home would be somewhere where he can have plenty of hacking on varied terrain. He can be ridden bitless or in a snaffle and seems to be equally happy either way.

If you are interested or have questions, please contact me and I will answer what I can or pass you onto his owner.


Debbie & Paddy said...

I would like to say what a lovely horse Knightley is and say thanks to him for looking after Paddy during his Colic convalescence! I hope he finds a great loan home, Debbie & Paddy x

Nic Barker said...

I'd forgotten, Debbie, but he was Paddy's best mate and nursemaid, wasn't he? Such a sweet boy :-)

dreams579 said...

awww, nico would love to have his rearing buddy back, shame there is no way i have the time or money for 2, as mr knightly is lovely and definitely my sort of pony!