Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Puppy show!

We took the afternoon off yesterday to go to the EFH puppy show - always a brilliant afternoon but it usually rains - not yesterday!
Must have been the Olympic spirit stretching even as far as Exmoor in honour of the fantastic Team GB showjumping gold :-)

It was great to see last year's puppies - now extremely grown up and (especially in Nelson's case) absolutely massive
Though some couldn't resist the urge to play to the crowd...
...the Stig had it all under control...
...as of course did the wise judges...
[Proof that it wasn't raining - amazing!]
A quiet word with the judges to ensure the right result?!
Of course - Princess Nettle (one of our puppies from last year!) was the last girl standing, though she was never still enough to get a good photo...Well done Nettle!
Blue sky and bowlers - the order of the day!

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