Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Roo - home at last but here's her final update

Roo went home at the end of last week but because of the insanity that was haymaking I've only just managed to get her final update together.  She arrived in May and as always its interesting to chart the changes in her feet. 
She is of course only part way through her rehab - it will be at least another 3-4 months before she has grown in a full hoof capsule. In the meantime she has made lots of improvements - as you can see, her toe is now much shorter and the back of the hoof more supportive than it was when she arrived.
You can see the band of new growth about a third of the way down - that's what needs to grow in to give her the best possible hoof. 
The back of her foot is more robust, with shorter hoof wall though to be fair her frogs weren't bad at all when she arrived. 

Again, on the LF a shorter toe and less underrun foot and again the clearly visible band of new growth.

Looking at these shots you can see how unbalanced the foot was - there is an obvious asymmetry in the digital cushion which hints at uneven loading - but its becoming more balanced in the recent photo.
Finally, here is her footage. You can see that on day one she was landing heel first and she has maintained that and her stride length. The interesting shot is from the front when you can see that she is not landing evenly. That has improved but she is still landing laterally on the RF. That will get better again, all being well, over the next 3-4 months and I am hoping to get footage from Lizzie in a while showing a perfect even loading!

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