Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Dali - delayed

This is an update delayed from last week - sorry Rachael! Apologies also for the angle of the second pic which isn't quite as it should be but you get the idea. These photos were taken 9 weeks apart. 

Lots of growth but still a long way to go!

Big changes here too - look especially at the heels and bars. Still a flat foot but slowly improving.
The most significant thing here is the hoof balance - compare the length from hairline to sole between the 2 photos. Much more even in the lower photo, even though he only has part of his new hoof capsule grown in. 


Unknown said...

wow that huge event lines on its way out now :) Hes doing smashing. So is his flat-footiness due to being in shoes or conformation? My vets first comment on his feet was hed never cope barefoot because they were so flat-footed 3 and a half years ago. Is this something that'll come right as the foot grows out? Its interesting how their feet can just correct themselves like this with the help of some very knowledgeable people who just give them what they need in order to do it! Its weird to think he might be home in a few weeks :0 starting to get nervous lol

amandap said...

Looking good.