Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Eliza does a lot

Eliza will has been here nearly 3 weeks so of course its time for an update. I'm sorry its so late today but our internet is taking roughly 1,000 years to upload each photo and will remain on a complete go-slow til tomorrow(!) after which I am assured it will be back to normal.
Here are her inital comparison shots. In the original photo her hoof is almost like an inverted cone with a terribly under-run heel and long toe but its already starting to improve and as a result she is more comfortable.
The sole shot confirms how weak the palmar hoof had become. Although she had strong hoof wall this had been over-loaded at the expense of the development of the frog and digital cushion. You can also see from this angle that although her toe looked long from the lateral view there is actually nothing to trim, so an attempt to "back up her toe" would have been disastrous.
Not even 3 weeks and already a much improved foot - hoof wall too long on the medial side but that resolving in its own time. You can see from the lower photo too how much more symmetrical her foot is becoming. Its a result of this better medio-lateral balance that the ridge of sole (which in the first photo extends rightround her frog) is starting to recede. She still needs extra support on the medial side which is why I am in no rush to trim the long medial wall. 
Finally the shot of the frog/heels/DC originally quite contracted and pinched in. 
Starting to become healthier but now that the heels are less under-run you can see how far the frog still has to improve. Whats interesting is that if you look at the length of the hoof wall its also becoming shorter as the foot starts to move back to its rightful place. Just goes to show that judging hooves from one angle alone doesn't give you enough information...

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