Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A trio of updates - Rose, Lexus and the research results!

It seems to be "update week" once again, what with Bailey W, Solomon, Kingsley and Isha already on the blog, so time for some other updates  :-)

Rose went home all the way to Yorkshire at the end of October, and although I don't have photos, I had an update by text from Catherine a couple of days ago :-)

"Rose and I had a great hack to Fountains Abbey today and even had a little canter.  She was a really good girl, but I am knackered now!"

I also saw Chris, Lexus' owner, on Saturday - Lex only lives a few miles down the road and he and Chris now spend their time improving the bridleway access round where they live, going to the beach and having regular trailer trips out to explore new areas :-)  I am hoping to get them to our meet here in December, and if they come there will definitely be pictures!

Finally, I updated the research results to include the details for all the latest horses.  There are now 17 horses who have gone or are going through "Project Dexter" - I was originally told we could publish once we had 10, then the goal-posts were changed(!) but surely at these numbers there is something to interest the academics...?!

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