Monday, 15 November 2010

Solomon and Kingsley

Time for an update on Solomon and Kingsley's hooves, which have been changing fast in the 4 and 5 weeks that they have been here.  Solomon first, and I will try and get video footage of him later on today as well. 

Here is his left front - his worse foot - today, with the comparative photo of it the day his shoes came off below. 
LF after 5 weeks
LF on day one
RF after 5 weeks
RF day one
And then Kingsley, who is growing a radically different-angled hoof on both front feet. 
Here is Kingsley's hoof today, with the comparison from 4 weeks ago below. 


jenj said...

Holy cow! I can't believe how different the angle is on Kingsley's front feet! What an incredible change.

cptrayes said...

It's no surprise he was unsound, is it? I've been following Kingsley since his owner posted in despair on Horse and Hound Online. I'm so pleased to see such a change, it must give great promise of a sound horse at the end of it, which she had no expectation of at all.

Congratulations to Kingsley's owner for acting so fast after a bunch of strangers on HHOnline told her to look at Rockley.

Nic Barker said...

I think its congratulations to all of the people who've seen their own horses' hooves change and have had the gumption to post about it on HHO or elsewhere :-)

Kingsley is a darling, and wants to be insanely athletic given half the chance - fingers crossed for him!