Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Isha - footage of the new girl

No sooner had Bailey W gone home than we had a new arrival, Isha, who came all the way from Cornwall - doesn't sound very far from Devon, but Cornwall is . 

She is an 8 yr old KWPN mare who is very striking, with one blue eye and one brown.  She arrived straight from a long period of box rest and already out of shoes but with a diagnosis of hoof pain which blocked to a palmar digital nerve block.

The box rest hasn't improved her, and her owner felt it was time to try something new, as she was convinced that Isha had been landing toe first for a while and that this had been contributing to the ongoing lameness.  The footage we took when she arrived confirmed exactly that.   

Her vet reported her as unilaterally lame, up to 4/10 on the RF, but Isha is also landing toe first on all but one hind, in this footage.  She is markedly lamer on the RF, but had been given bute for the long trip to Rockley, so this footage doesn't give the whole picture. 

Isha is a very attractive mare, and was apparently pining for male company whilst on box rest, as Felix, Charlie and Angel have confirmed(!)...I hope it won't be too many days before she is out on the tracks with the rest of the gang.


Dare Gothic Clothing said...

Thanks so much for your text this morning, it was good to know she's already settling in with Felix :) Its very hard not having her at home but soooo wonderful not to see a very unhappy horse peering out of her stable prison!
Fingers crossed for happier feet!!
fayley x

Dare Gothic Clothing said...

Isha's arrival at Rockley was the happiest day she's had in a long time! Forget the foot pain, it's flirting time ;)

Looking forward to watching the video, but there seems to be a playback error at the moment?
fayley x

Nic Barker said...

Hi Fayley, It works ok if you watch it on a Mac or PC but it doesn't if you watch it via mobile - let me know if you still can't see it.