Thursday, 4 November 2010

Rose - the update photos

Rose went home at the weekend, after being here for 3 months.  Rose was 2-3/10 bilaterally lame on a circle in trot when assessed by her vet before she came to us.  

As you can see, there has been a big change in her hooves and consequently in her landing - the change in orientation of her hooves clearly demonstrates why she was landing toe-first when she arrived.  She also had poor medio-lateral balance which made her tend to overload medially particularly on the RF.  Her lateral footage over the last 3 months is here:
The lower photo was taken the day she left - a big improvement  - but she still has another 3-4 months before she has a complete new hoof capsule, which will make her even sounder.   Nevertheless, even half a good hoof has been enough to enable her to trot a circle on the lunge evenly again.

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