Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Solomon and Kingsley video footage

To follow on from yesterday's post, here is the footage of the boys - and both, I am delighted to say, seem to be making progress.  

I've added Solomon's footage from yesterday and he is now landing much better, particularly on his worst, left, foot.  He has been doing well in his work and improving with every outing so this confirms that he is definitely getting back on the right track.

His owner, Lucie, is coming to visit him this weekend so its lovely to have come this far - she will be riding  him again on Sunday, all being well, which will be great.

I've uploaded his footage here, as the footage is too big now for the blog(!).

Kingsley, as you saw from yesterday's photos, is growing a new hoof capsule at a dramatically different angle.  Although the way he loads his front feet is clearly an issue, he actually seems to have as much of a problem with hind limbs as front limbs.   Its interesting looking at his video footage because with Kingsley its not as simple as a toe first/heel first landing.  If you look at his footage, you can see that the concern with him is straightness, as well.    

Wiola has written on her blog about how frustrating it is to have to wait to see how the new hoof shape influences his movement, and I agree with her 100%!  However, if you look at the footage, he does look to me to be moving straighter and more confidently both in front and behind - I hope Wiola will agree!  He also now consistently carries his tail straighter instead of screwed to the right, which is another good sign.


Unknown said...

That away from camera footage of the 15th November has almost made me cry! I have NEVER, EVER seen this little horse walking with his tail and spine straight - not once in over a year we've had him!

I'm guessing that if the spinal column is straightening up he must be putting less effort into compensation? Which leads to another guess - he is more comfortable and able to carry himself in a better posture without pain?

I really want to forward this to Anna J.!

The 15th November walk looks much stronger than October footage too. He looks like he has a little more spring in his steps and agree as to overall look of more confidence.

Can't wait to see him!

Nic Barker said...

So pleased you agree :-) If we can get him onto a virtuous circle of moving straighter, being more comfortable and loading his feet better its going to make a huge difference to his hind limb strength and front limb stability :-)

Unknown said...

Wow ! He moves like a different horse ! I've just watched that over and over and its great he looks more comfortable and straight - his tail is actually straight !! So pleased :))) Thank you.