Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Isha - 2 week update

Isha has now been here for a fortnight and I've uploaded comparative clips of her on arrival and after 2 weeks.   Her owner opted to give her bute in order to travel her more comfortably, as its a long way from Cornwall and Isha had been very lame on box rest.  

We filmed her on arrival but what the footage can't show you is that once the bute wore off, she was much lamer on her RF than she appears in this clip!

Isha was understandably quite hyper when she arrived as, after being on box rest, the change of yard and sudden addition of chums, and especially BOYS, into her life was quite a thrill.   She was kept in a more restricted area initially, to get her used to the idea of more space gradually, but within a few days she was happily integrated with the other horses.

It seems likely that, in addition to her caudal hoof problems, she was brewing an infection over the last few weeks or months, as once she was able to move round a bigger area (which she was eager to do!), the increase in circulation resulted in an abscess in her RF.  Fortunately, this was rapidly ready to come out and once it did she became immediately more comfortable.

The video clip was shot 5 days after this, and her improved landing should be fairly clear.  Both hinds and fronts have improved, though in front she obviously is less confident at the moment.

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