Friday, 19 November 2010

Another day, another update - Happy Friday :-)

After all the discussion yesterday about the need for detailed research into lameness treatments - which is something I wholeheartedly agree with, even when the lack of it frustrates me - today's post is a reminder that horses don't necessarily need to peruse the results of clinical trials before they can feel better.  

This clip is only short, and it was sent to me as a text so its not high-res, but its precious because its a clip of Paul  - whose gorgeous photo I posted a week or so ago - out jumping.

Of course, I can aspire to double-blind, clinical trials and obtaining the highest possible research credentials for our rehab, and maybe I'll get that one day, but in reality, for now its more than enough to see horses like Paul  - who were supposed to have no future - and their owners out enjoying themselves.  Maybe going hunting, maybe going on pleasure rides, just out hacking or popping a few jumps and having a blast - if I am honest, that's what its all about, and Clare's text was a perfect, and perfectly-timed, reminder.

There is an added bonus with Clare's footage though:
"Polly came to see Paul today and jumped him in the indoor school, she was mightily impressed with his progress! She is a vet that definitely has a different outlook on DDFT / "Navicular syndrome" and would probably recommend rehab before remedial shoeing after her visit to Rockley. Some progress has been made and long may it last! :-)"

Sufficient unto the day...

Happy Friday everyone :-)

ETA: The HHO queries reminded me of another post I wrote earlier in the year, which for me sums it up:

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