Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Bailey W update

Its only a few days since Bailey W went home but I've had a couple of great emails since his triumphant day on Saturday and thought it was worth posting them, as a satisfying postscript to the weekend.

Firstly from Lainey:

"Just to let you know  Bailey and I went on a lovely hack today, just the two of us (like old times). We went out for about an hour, mainly on the roads and then down the droves, which is sandy gravel type stuff with some stones. He did brilliantly, to be totally honest you wouldn’t have known the difference to a shod horse. I was very pleased indeed."

and then from Bailey W's vet, following the report I sent to him:

"Saw him yesterday- looks great.  everybody thrilled."

Its a relief to know that everything is going so well and that he didn't over-do it in the excitement of being out and about on Saturday :-)  I have heard via Facebook though that Lainey is still a bit stiff and sore after so much galloping about ...ooops(!)...but all in a good cause ;-)

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