Saturday, 20 November 2010

A human perspective on lameness

...has been posted on the UKNHCP forum, by one of the members who has fractured her ankle and is now recuperating.  She gives a very interesting "insider's" view of how it feels to be lame:


Unknown said...

Very interesting. At 15 I got kicked by a horse into right knee which caused a lot of damage to it, including raptured ACL. Having spent 2 years on/off in a leg long plaster I was truly shocked at how useless my right leg had become and how long it took for the knee to behave remotly like a joint again.
However, the bigger shock was the impact of the injury on my other knee and shoulders (from crutches and creative ways of transferring from one place to another without straining the joint ;) - I now say I have a bad knee and a worse knee.

Because of these experiences I've always been fascinated by physiotherapy as well as the effects correct schooling has on crooked horses.
If horses have any similar system of compensation as humans do no wonder even slight injury causes so many problems.

Nic Barker said...

Its so interesting, isn' t, that, injuries don't just impact on the obvious, injured limb...I think this is the big area to look at from a rehab point of view... - and the effect of correct schooling is absolutely critical/