Friday, 5 July 2013

Thomas the Third's belated 8 week update

Thomas has been here over 8 weeks but its been so busy I have struggled to get his photos done. However, finally here they are, and there are some big changes going on. His RF was his lamest foot and he still struggles on slopes but it is becoming more balanced. 
The profile of his foot is a lot better, with a stronger heel, shorter toe and a less deviated hairline. His foot is also now much more "underneath" him and much more supportive. 
Thomas had a heel first landing when he arrived but look how much stronger his frog has become out of a shoe. 
This photo was taken at 3 weeks and his frog was already better but his foot was asymmetric and loading more laterally than medially. Fast forward another 5 weeks and the foot is gaining symmetry and the heels are moving back as well. 
 Importantly, he is now able to stand more happily and no longer points his RF as much as he did when he arrived.
 Much better - although he has a long way to go before he has sorted out the balance on that RF, he is making good progress.


jenj said...

It never ceases to amaze me how much they change on their own. Go Thomas!

Dom said...

Love that new growth!!! Reminds me a good bit of my current horse and his foot rehab. He's making for some very dramatic photos...

Unknown said...

I'm wondering ...
My horse has crooked legs like Thomas. Hooves look the same - the outer side is wider, suggesting that he lands on outside part of the sole.
It's just that my horse lands on the inner part (I did videos), and I wonder whether the conclusion that Thomas the Third lands on the "outside sole" is pulled out of those pictures or videos?

I would be really grateful if you could answer, because your post made ​​me very confused :).

Nic Barker said...

He lands laterally on video, Ada, on his RF. The sole shots just confirm what you can see on the footage. Sounds like your horse is a bit different.

Unknown said...

Thanks :).
So it's even more confused. If you could take a look at the RF sole of my horse - it looks almost like Thomas. ( )

It's fascinating and confused, how it's possible that "the same hoof" can appear from two different loads.