Saturday 20 July 2013

Freddie's final update

Freddie is going home and its time for his final photos. His RF was his weaker foot and was landing toe first as well as loading unevenly.
Freddie has made some good improvements but equally there is a way to go before he has a strong enough heel and frog. The foot is more symmetrical though and less contracted. 
What you can't see in the photos is that his soles are also a lot thicker. When he arrived they flexed on thumb pressure, which is never ideal(!).
Here is his caudal shot. As well as a contracted frog and heel you can see that he was very underrun. 
He still is today, but at least his heels are heading in the right direction - back underneath his limb to give him better support. 
You can see the new growth in the lower photo, about a third of the way down his hoof capsule. Once it reaches the ground and he has a completely well-connected hoof capsule he should have better concavity as well and it should improve his under-run heels. 
You can see from this angle that the palmar hoof is building up but hasn't yet reached quite far enough to provide the support he needs at the heels. It will come, but its one of the frustrations of rehab that changes can never happen fast enough!
The same story on his worse foot - a shorter toe and better connection in the top third of the hoof capsule but he needs it to grow down completely to give him better palmar support. 

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